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RoohBelle is a premium natural and organic skin care brand that brings to you the best organic skin care products in India made with 100% natural skincare ingredients. After a long and detailed research, we found that skin care doesn’t need to require chemicals to be effective. Our vision is to give skin care with totally natural and organic ingredients which doesn’t cause any kind of harm to your skin and makes your skin healthy and glowing naturally. Founded by Renuu Baatish, team at RoohBelle is completely dedicated to provide you with premium natural and organic products.

Our Story

Best Organic Skin Care Products in India

I(Renuu Baatish, Founder of RoohBelle) was always gifted with good skin all around my teens and years after. The same continues during my first experience of motherhood. In 2011, after I gave birth to my younger son, my skin became dull and pigmented. I tried many skin care products over the initial years, but nothing comes to the rescue. I lost my beauty as well as my confidence to face the world. I lost all the hope.

Then a friend introduced me to the world of organic products. I began paying attention to what I was eating and using on my skin. I spent years researching natural skin care ingredients and their effects on various skin types. I was looking for something effective that didn’t contain potentially harmful additives. After a lot of trials and errors, I formed some effective natural skin care products. It felt good knowing that my new skincare routine was pure and natural, that nothing synthetic was penetrating millions of my littles pores and entering my skin. The positive change in my skin was so obvious that peoples rush to ask me the big secret. I start sharing these natural skin care products within my circle. I was thrilled when everyone loved it and they wanted me to sell it.

All the praises encouraged me to learn more about this and I enrolled myself in natural skin care studies.

Then RoohBelle comes into existence. We are the classic case of turning a problem into a positive outcome. Natural Skin Care by RoohBelle: The Products you can Trust.


Our Mission

Our Mission

We are on a mission to solve your skin care problems while taking care of the environment. Our new generation natural skin care products are safe and gentle on the skin. We want to help you keep your skin healthy and glowing naturally and organically.

we are

Who We Are

We are your most trusted partner in terms of natural skin care. Our organic skin care products can help you to illuminate with an all-natural healthy glow, without any side effects. And we take care of our planet in the whole process as well.


Our Vision​

We would like to create awareness about Organic and Natural Skin Care. This is New Luxury. Invest in your skin, it's going to represent you for a really long time.

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